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This is a used HOOF-it Blacksmith Pro.  It was only used once or twice for a video on how to apply studs to your horseshoes.  

This hoof stand is great to have around the barn for doctoring hooves, applying studs, applying hoof dressing, or even removing a loose horseshoe. 

Also is in invaluable tool for the farrier or barefoot trimmer. This stand takes the weight off your knees and back and allows for more efficient hoof care work. 

The two in one design allows you to go from post to cradle in 1/4 of a turn, unlike other hoof stands that you have to remove and apply when changing from post to cradle. 



Max Working Hight: 24.25"

Min. Working Hight: 16.25"

Base Width: 17.5"

Base Hight: 10.75"

Cradle Width: 7.5"

Post Width: 2.1"

Hoof Stand Weight: 8 Pounds