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Adult Ammy, Over the Hill Ammy, Tall Equestrian Boots -

From the equestrian era of basically two tall boot choices, Vogels or Dehners, I now don't see them in the realm at all. When I decided to get back in the irons, I pulled out my old (very old) Vogels from oh, 1984, I believe, and needless to say, they no longer fit. Pulling these babies on would have taken more than a dash of baby powder. Riding in the 1980s, we schooled a lot in full chaps, and let me tell you how much I love the security of full chaps. The comfort and grip of leather all the...

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Adult Ammy, Equestrian Helment -

Okay, so this past month, there has been a lot of shopping going on in my world—lots of trial and error. Let's start above the shoulders. Long past is the days of stylized, genuinely traditional hunt caps. You know the ones you see in that old hunt print hanging on the wall.  I reflect back to what I believe was the latter part of 1984; in fact, I think it was the Santa Barbara Turkey Show that we would now have to wear an "approved helmet" while on the show grounds whenever mounted. We were devastated. The thought of a...

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Adult Ammy, Back in the Saddle, Over the Hill Ammy -

So at age 47, I decided to get back in the irons again. It has been thirty-some years since I have been in the Hunter/Jumper arena, and I am discovering how much this traditional sport has changed. I also realize how my body has changed and become stiff and rigid in my old age.  Realizing that I was eager to make a change, I joined a CrossFit gym. It has been six months, and I am very thankful for the changes I have seen in my body and my physical endurance. I am also grateful to be involved with a...

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