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Your heart will love showing horses! Your checkbook, however, not so much… As I reach my middle-age years, I am becoming increasingly grateful for my younger years, when I showed on the west coast circuit on my parents’ dime. Even to this day, every time I come home from a show, I thank my folks for everything they sacrificed to allow me to train and show in what must be the most expensive sport known to man. When my friends complain about the steep prices for ski lift tickets or lament how much they spent on new golf clubs, I laugh...

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Wow, nothing like getting back in the game at an AA-rated show. My eyes might have been bigger than my stomach. Thank goodness for Sol; he really took great care of me. The equestrian stages of life are quite interesting. As a kid, you feel invincible. Then as you get older, fear kicks in. Then you get even older, and you start to put your fears aside because it's now or never. Maybe this is what they refer to as a "mid-life crisis." None the less I was so proud that I got back out there and showed again. It...

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