My First Horse Show Back As An Amateur

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My First Horse Show Back As An Amateur

Wow, nothing like getting back in the game at an AA-rated show. My eyes might have been bigger than my stomach. Thank goodness for Sol; he really took great care of me.

The equestrian stages of life are quite interesting. As a kid, you feel invincible. Then as you get older, fear kicks in. Then you get even older, and you start to put your fears aside because it's now or never. Maybe this is what they refer to as a "mid-life crisis."
None the less I was so proud that I got back out there and showed again. It was such a big part of my youth; it felt good to be back. I even ran into people I rode with in the past, riders that were now trainers, trainers that were still trainers, and grooms that were still grooming. It was such a fun experience. In my first class back, we pulled a blue and ultimately ended up Reserve Champion and NorCal Reserve Champion.
First Horse Show Back as an Amateur
I guess I truly got the itch to do it again because I can not wait to get back in the show ring!

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