Along Came Sol

Along Came Sol

So ultimately, my goal was to show in the Hunter jumper arena once again. Riding for shits and giggles never really fulfilled my soul. I always needed an end goal. Selling a prospect for a profit or showing, but going down the trail was just not for me. With the help of my newfound local trainer and barn mates, I got the opportunity to check this box.


After a few months of lessons and getting my bearings back, along came Sol. Sol was a real gift. Sol had just returned from a lease and was for sale. I was not in the position to buy him at his price point but was blessed to be able to ride and show him for a few months. This horse was such a gem. Also, probably one of the smartest and intuitive horses I had ever been around. Although he had his powerful moments, I always felt confident and well mounted on him. One day while schooling, my trainer asked me if I would like to take him to the Sacramento International Horse Show. Keep in mind I had not ridden in a rated hunter /jumper show for years, and I do mean years. I'm going to guess 1988 or 89 was my last time in this arena, and to boot, I showed in the hunter and equitation arenas. I had not ridden a jumper since the early 1980s. Sol was definitely not a hunter, so having to show in the jumper ring after such a long hiatus it was nothing short of intimidating. I would have never been game if it was not for this fabulous horse, trainer, and barn mates.

I expressed my fears and concerns, but my trainer said there are many smaller divisions these days. Back in the day, they did not offer jumper classes smaller than 3'6" (like somewhere between 1.05 to 1.10 meters). She relieved my fears and said we could put you in the "puddle jumpers."

What the heck. Let's do this!

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